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Friday, October 27, 2006

Early Christmas deal

This afternoon, I noted that most of the girls in my department were not in their table. I asked Marilou who was left where they are and she said they were in the conference room. I realized that they were among the girls chosen as part of the K-26 in our special game comes December. Yup, this early they are already planning for our Head Office Christmas party. It is not going to be held in our office but in one of the venue places in Quezon City and it is not just a simple Christmas party but almost a one-whole day affair since we won’t be reporting anymore to Head Office but directly to where the venue will be!

The game will no longer be a surprise but they have already informed us that it is going to be similar to the Deal or No deal game hosted by Kris Aquino on TV except that the maximum amount will not be Two million Pesos (roughly $40,000) but only One thousand Pesos ($20.00) and there will only be one contestant.

Gosh you’ll say what cheap amount! But there is actually a catch. Whatever the amount the contestant wins, she gets double while the rest of the employees present gets the amount. So, if she wins the jackpot of P1,000.00, she gets P2,000.00 while the rest of us (around 200 employees) gets P1,000.00 each. Pretty good deal I should say and if she does not get the jackpot and wins a much lesser amount the rest of the budget (which is approx. P200,000.00 less the prize given) gets raffled off. Still okay, except winning the jackpot makes everybody happy (except the bosses maybe??? Hehehe.. kidding!)

Actually in the past, it has been the tradition of the company to give money to the staff during Christmas party except that they don’t hand it directly but the budget is changed to crisp new loose bills (P50.00, P20.00, and P10.00 when there was still such bill and not yet a coin) and does a “Pasabog ng pera!” The bills are crumpled and divided into 2 bags held by 2 officers, then they stay in an elevated place while the rest of the personnel position themselves on the floor. Those weak of heart stay on the sides while the rest await the start when these 2 officers starts throwing the money and everybody tries to catch… grab… step…snatch them. Some prefers to stand while others prefer to just bend, even crawl on the floor. It is riot!!!

I stand.. I crawl.. I do whatever it takes to get a share of the money. In the end, everybody runs out of their breath... some with big smiles on their faces (hmmm.. after getting a lot?)… some pouting a bit (maybe they got stepped on…ouch!!!) and everybody tries to make their crumbled bill crisp again while counting them. I think, the thrill of how you got the money is a more fun though than the amount taken. I remember, one time getting really a lot. The officer thought there was no more money in the bag and just threw the bag… I got it and there were still a lot! We were in a hotel then so I decided to give the waiters TIPS!

Anyway, we won’t be having the Pasabog this year. That means no grabbing, stepping, getting on the floor but this time more on cheering and guessing where the jackpot is. I think it is going to be fun too! Plus the K-26 girls who will be holding the attaché cases (yes, they said they were going to provide them) are mostly lean and would sure have a nice outfit except they still haven’t decided on what to wear since they have different preferences but for sure there will be cheering from the boys!

Incidentally, Marilou shared something when the girls came back. She said Ronald, one of our messengers asked why she is not in the conference room. She answered that only the lean ones were taken as k-26 models. And he insisted that she should be there with them! Then impishly added that Carmi (our assigned emcee-Kris Aquino for the game) will be saying “Meal or no Meal!!!”

Okay, that didn’t come from me but from Marilou herself!


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