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Monday, October 23, 2006


We have been telling one of our officemate to have her hair dyed since she already had a lot of white hair showing. Actually she had her hair dyed before but since it has been a while, the white hair have started to return and they’re just on the top layer of her hair while the rest were still dark with streaks of white and gold. However, last Friday when she came by our department she was copper-blonde on the top and still dark with streaks on the lower portion…so that we exclaimed, “Whoa!!! What happened???” The dye had a different effect on the white hair and rest of her hair and she started to feel bad…

This morning when I saw her in the wash room, she looked better. She said she just had her hair trimmed and no additional fixing was done. But by the looks of it she definitely had her dye fixed! She’s now a partial blonde with streaks. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether it was just a trim or a re-dye. Important thing is that she now looks better and she’s happy!

I’ve never had my hair colored or dyed but I have natural reddish-brown streaks on my dark brown hair. Hairdressers would usually wonder and ask me if I had my hair dyed or highlighted. I’d comment that the streaks are courtesy of the SUN! The streaks though never change place, they are always on the same location no matter how many times I have my hair trimmed. So it probably is not just the SUN but also the genes??? Maybe one of my ancestors had red hair and nature just decided to give me a streak?

Some have asked me to dye but I don’t want to. One even offered to give me gold-streaks for free but I just smiled and said No thanks! They say that your hair turns white faster once you started dyeing. I’m too lazy too to do frequent dyeing and I’m too scared of coming out NOT with streaks but freaked!!! Guess I am on the conservative side plus I don’t really want to turn blondie!!! Goodness, I could never picture myself as a blonde… hmmm… actually I don’t want to picture myself as a blonde!!!

Well don’t want to be blondie but I know that eventually I’m going to be a whitie!!! It is not that soon yet since the whites are still hiding underneath but you see them when you look closer the inner stands. And what’s my alternative now that I’m starting to have white hair? Definitely not a dye! But I’ve got to learn how to encourage my young nieces and nephews to master the art of pulling gently those white hairs! And while they still have not mastered the art, then I have to sweet-talk the other girls at home to do it. Hmmm… actually asked them to do it before and it feels quite restful you wish they have more time to do it so I could doze off and rest longer… I sure need it!!!


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