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Friday, September 01, 2006


Last Wednesday, I got a long distance call from one of our District Managers from the Visayas. It was his last day from the company and he wanted to say goodbye since he decided to spend more time working for the Lord. He also thanked me for an email I sent last December (yup, last December yet!). He said he was really touched by that email. I knew he appreciated that email since an Auditor and a Branch Manager told me before that he mentioned to them his appreciation but I never realized how deeply he was touched by that simple greeting.

It was actually just an email greeting (with animated pictures, since I like adding animated gif pictures to my greetings) I sent to all the branches and Sales officers wishing them well on Christmas and thanking them for their efforts since they had long store hours during the season plus they will have to report for work on Christmas while we at Head Office were going to have a long holiday.

He was touched not just for himself but for all the other sales people since he said someone appreciated their efforts. He said the people he expected to get greetings from forgot to do so. His superiors did not even ask how they were doing yet someone from Audit Department (from the other side of the organization, someone unexpected) remembered them.

His appreciation of that email was also unexpected and somehow I felt glad that I sent it…

And this morning, I got an unexpected email too that really put a smile of my face!

Last night, I really felt so tired that I fell asleep on the couch. I was just going to take a quick rest before having supper but I fell asleep! My cousin just woke me up around 11:30 to tell me to eat and already go to my room and I hurried to continue my sleep. I was really tired! And this morning when I woke up, I decided to check my mail before starting my day and I noted an email from Erik, an online friend, with an attachment. A song!

I sent Erik a song I made before. It was rough but I sent it anyway and boldly added that all Filipinos could carry a tune and it is just that some people have bad ears not to be able to appreciate some voices (I was hinting that if he did not appreciate my song then he had “bad” ears! Hehehe…). Erik has played with a band and I said it will also be neat if he made his own song and even showed him how I did mine (as if I’m an expert!!!) using the windows sound recorder and a minus one site in the internet. I used to record a lot when I still had a microphone just to amuse myself and to bug some friends to the point that one would NOT talk with me anymore!!! Now only the speakers remain and they probably are glad??? Gosh, that means I’m pretty broke too not to be able to buy a replacement!

Anyway the song I sent Erik is if we hold on together, a song from the cartoon movie The land before time (I like that movie!!!) and I noted that the MP3 file he sent was also hold on together. I wondered if he chose to sing the same song. I was really surprised to hear my voice with his voice! We have a duet!!! He sang-a-long with my song and it was pretty neat! Okay… my voice is not really that great (maybe I should remove the “that”???) but he was good and he blended perfectly like we really sang together. It was so unexpected and so neat that it really made my morning!

And people at work got an unexpected distraction since I immediately made them hear the song when I got in! They appreciated it. They would! They got “good” ears…. Hehehe and they like to humor me! I sure am having an unexpected good day!!!

PS. Talking of unexpected. Erik is an example of finding love in the unexpected places. He met his wife in ICQ. They are from far away places (England and US) yet now they are happily together! :-)


Blogger Senor Enrique said...

My mother loved that birthday email greeting you sent for her. Thanks again ... you are really good at spreading some cheer!

Hmmm we should do some videoke singing one of these days ... hehehe.

9:14 AM  

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