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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A spectacle without a spectacle

Oftentimes we get to view beautiful sunsets from our office window since we are the tallest building in our area and have a good clear view of the North Harbor and even beyond.

Sometimes even during cloudy weather, the sun would take a peak from a small opening from a mass of clouds revealing an orange ball slowly descending, its color getting deeper and deeper like it is teasing you to watch some more until it completely hides from you. There are also days when even if some heavy clouds completely obscure the great orange ball, its powerful rays shine through the lighter side of the clouds creating beautiful designs and colors. The sun certainly likes to show off its beauty before it says goodbye to the day!!!

Today just after past 6:00, I heard a commotion and noted many staff converging on the window. I thought the sun was showing off again but I was wrong for they were pointing on another direction. I tried to focus my eyes asking what it was and they were all pointing at a mass formation just below the clouds. It seemed like a very long, thick and black rat’s tail almost extending towards the sea below.

Could it be a twister???

They were all getting excited as it was getting bigger and longer and I could not see it clearly since I did not have my eyeglasses! I was asking them to describe what they were seeing so I could focus my eyes and grasp what was happening and they said it was like the clouds sipping the sea from a straw continuously twirling and twirling and they could also see the ripples in the sea! Ahh… I wanted to see it too!!!

It was difficult to see clearly from that distance but it was getting bigger and yes I was seeing more, for below the dark tail I could see lighter tail extending to the sea, I try to focus below to see the movements from the see but I couldn’t. It was just too far. Instead I focused on the tail it was slowly moving and I noted the clouds getting really bigger and thicker like it was occupying the whole sky. It was getting dark yet at some point where the sky is clear it was still bright. You could really feel the clouds getting heavier! Suddenly the white tail started to disappear slowly as dark rays were coming down from the clouds, they said it was probably rain since the clouds would have to return the water back to sea! I believe it was so!

At some point the tail came back again and started to grow longer again not as long as the first one and it seemed to be heading straight our way though it was still far. I wondered if it would ever reach our building but it didn't really moved that far. I guess it was really pretty heavy!!! Finally it was gone and the sky was dark already after all it was already around 6:30!

Ahh. I hate wearing my glasses but I regret NOT having it today. The sight would have been more spectacular!

In all my life, I have never seen such occurrence and for quite a long time too. Okay, the others had better view than I did but maybe just maybe the clouds and the wind would like to show the sun again that they too can create beautiful image in the sky… not just an image but a spectacle and I’m going to make sure I have my spectacles around 8-) !


Anonymous myepinoy said...

Ha ha ha. sorry ka na lang.

Next time, make sure you have the cam also.

Happy weekend.

5:03 AM  
Blogger Senor Enrique said...

It was really an amazing sight, Beth! Ano ba yan? Why did you leave your glasses behind?

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't experienced a twister myself and hope I wont, ever! One thing I've notice though when I hear the news on TV about a twister happening in the farmlands in neighboring towns hundreds of kilometers away, I always see two distinct conditions that seem to generate twisters - very humid weather and tons of dark clouds. It seems to be the recipe for a tornado to form.

9:45 AM  

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