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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hurray… No work!!!

No need to wait for Julie to return to work to play hookey.
I’ve got one day free… with pay… legit and…
I can bum around the home!!! Yippee!!!

Of course this isn’t really a good day since the weather bureau declared typhoon signal #3 for Metro Manila. It has been very windy and raining since early this morning but it has calmed a bit now… I wish that it remains so already, afterall they have already declared NO WORK!!!

Today, if you commute you won’t see those big BILLBOARDS on the main roads. They will be all rolled up to prevent any accident and damage…

The past days they have also trimmed several trees along the roads so am hoping there won’t be any damage there too!

There won’t be much vehicles along the road…

Rain would fall and it will clean some of the streets (just hope there won’t be flooding)…

Tomorrow for sure it is going to be bright, that’s always the case after a typhoon, every place seems brighter... like all the dirts have been washed out…

Today, I could rest some more (okay just a little nap later since I've already had my extended sleep… never really good to get too much sleep since eyes becomes puffier)… I could read some… then I could just play the borrowed guitar from the office which I’m using for our CLP and give my fingers more KALYO… actually some part are already hardened from my guitar playing… PLUS I could just bum around with the kids and listen to music…

Oh, I also long for something HOT… it is always nice to eat HOT food on rainy weather…especially stormy weather… made me immediately remember papa. I could imagine him looking forward to the next day after a storm. He’d have his BOLO (big heavy knife) ready and cut out all the fallen banana tree in our compound. We’d get the middle part of it, the UBAD and we’ll have UBAD cooked TINOLA style for a few days and we’ll have this content smile in our faces and lots of sweat after eating a lot!!!

Ahh this is really a nice day despite the typhoon and it is just starting out!!!


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