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Friday, September 15, 2006


This morning on our way to work we passed by Maria Clara St. and noted that there were many people on the street which was unusual. I then noted that there were also police cars and media people on site.

And just what was everybody looking at?

On the sidewalk, in front of the big gate of one of the townhouses, was a black plastic garbage bag. My sister exclaimed “patay na tao!” (a dead man!). I thought it couldn’t be since the plastic bag was just small! But it was! My sister exclaimed “nakalabas ang paa!” (the legs are showing!) and I saw flesh protruding but I couldn’t make it out! Sometimes it is also good that I don’t wear my glasses so that I couldn't see clearly. I did not want to look long! The taxi driver was saying that they have also found another part of the body in another area Quezon City the previous day and I felt like vomiting while he was talking. I had to take a real deep breath to prevent it.

I keep thinking how could someone do that??? To kill a person is already bad enough but to cut him up??? What was he thinking??? How could he be so cruel??? Why did have to scatter the body all over??? I felt my tears falling and in between my thoughts I would be praying for the dead person… My mind was switching from praying the “Our Father” and my questions on the killer and the dead man. I did not want to think! I just wanted to pray so I tried to focus on prayer all through out the trip.

This afternoon, the thought flashed my mind again, and now I wondered about the family of the person that did this horrible thing.

He must have a family, somehow…

Just how did treat his family? Did he treat them well? Do they love him? And what if they knew he did this? How would they feel? Would they still love him?

People could be cruel… very cruel!
Sometimes you really don’t know what to do…
And all you can do is cry…
And yes, PRAY!


Blogger Senor Enrique said...

Horrible, indeed. Makes me wonder what state of mind they're in to do such thing and not feel anythig for the victim.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous myepinoy said...

Very cruel indeed.

It is good you did not see it. I bet you will have sleepless night because that image sticks and it keeps on playing on your memory.

It takes time before it disappears.

8:06 PM  

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