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Friday, August 25, 2006

Looking behind my shoulder

Walking is becoming a regular part of my routine even without a walking buddy for a long while already. Even in NOT so good weather, as long as I feel I won’t be rained out, I tend to walk.

A lot of people have discouraged me from walking at night and asked me if I am not afraid. Honestly I’m not… well I am cautious but I’m not really afraid walking by myself since I have been doing it for a long time already. If there is fear it is actually more on the fear of being bitten by stray dogs rather than encountering bad elements. Tonight, however, was one of those uncomfortable walks.

I covered more than half of my walk when I noticed a man walking near me. I am usually carefree with the way I walk in the route I took tonight since the street lights cast a shadow and I can easily see if someone is near me. I took note since it doesn’t seem like a carefree regular walk to me and somehow I changed my pace until I reached an intersection (just a small street going to a dark alley on the other side) and I stopped. There were jeepneys and other vehicles passing by so I had reason to stop and it was the first time I looked behind my shoulder and saw the man. He looked at me for a quick while only then looked away. I didn’t feel good! I motioned to cross the street then stopped, he did not move… and I attempted to cross but stopped again and he crossed. He looked sideways and was walking real slow (as in very very slow) even on the other side of the road…actually it seemed more of an alley (a dark one) than a road and he looked back and saw that I was still on the other side. I was thinking what I was going to do. Well I decided to cross even if he was walking very slowly but instead of heading his direction, I changed course and walked to the left going to the main street, a very busy street! I walked fast and begun to be looking behind my shoulder. Even when I reached the main road and continued heading to where I take my ride I would be looking over my shoulder from time to time… Ahhh, I hate that! He took the peace from my walk!!! But still I’m thankful that I am safely home and I just have to figure out how to walk without fear on coming nights… I wish Julie is back in the Head Office, that way I have a walking buddy again. He is a nice walking buddy and sometimes walks funny since he tries to catch up with my long strides if we decide to have a fast paced walk. Just imagining him walking with me already makes me smile… he really walks funny with matching swaying of the arms even if he is carrying a bag. Hehehe, he’d probably not walk with me again if he knew I am making fun of his walk.

Anyway, I got to figure out a nice way to be able to walk peacefully… Ahh I really love walking but don’t want walking with a stiff neck! I want to walk peacefully and with a light heart...


Blogger Senor Enrique said...

Goodness, Beth, you are indeed one brave soul. Pero Ingat din. May be a good idea for you to stash pepper spray in your bag or something.

You're right ... reason I don't do any morning walking exercise in my neighborhood is because of the stray dogs.


6:01 AM  
Anonymous bing said...

or a stunner for that matter. get the big ones. :-)

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ng beth:

please...magingat ka...nobody is safe these days

9:21 PM  

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