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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Folding thoughts

Last night, I came upon this video on folding shirts that I immediately called my cousin and my sister to watch it. Then I tried it myself and it actually worked!

This morning when I woke up, I immediately saw the shirt that I folded and I undid it and did it again and again. It was neat! Then it got me into some reflections. Kinda weird since I was looking at my altar but instead of praying my mind wandered off…

First, I remembered one of the talks I had with some of the boys (that would be our field auditors) last December while we were waiting for a ride back home after coming from a training. It started with discussing one of the auditors who had a jealous wife until it got to me. They were asking if I was a jealous person and I told them that I could not really recall being jealous, but then again, I don’t really have someone to be jealous about. And that lead further to them asking about my status (ahh shouldn’t boys be NOT nosey???) and I blurted I don’t think I’ll be a good wife! And immediately one of them commented to qualify my statement.

Ahh well, I wasn’t talking about fidelity. I’ve always been a loyal person and loving (hmmm…of course I could be biased too… hehehe) BUT I’m not good with house chores so how would I be able to take care of a husband??? Then, they all pointed to Dong and said that he is a good candidate for me since he is good with houseworks like cooking (yeah I know that since he would bring dishes when he is in head office and they are good!) and laundry (gosh he is a very neat person who has a portable iron when travelling) and I said “No way! I want someone rougher” and they all laughed while Dong came near me and patted my shoulder. Hehehe… He is actually a nice person and I’ve seen some of the branch people tease him and trying to pair him with the girls from the branch and he would just totally ignore them… oh he wasn’t rude at all he just did not mind their teases.

Anyway, the talk was going in all direction but the last line the auditors said was that if ever I found a man, they will really check him out and make sure he is a good person. Geez… what can I say, the boys really care for me that much. They treat me as their family. Actually I do the same for them…

I was still smiling while remembering that discussion when I also realized that there has been a big improvement in the atmosphere at home now that all the girls that are helping us are all young (there are 3 families living in my home and each has their own help).

The girls (a twin) always giggle and are happy and my cousin who is helping us and who used not to smile too much is now also always smiling. Well they are not as efficient and neat (actually far from it) as my aunt who used to take care of us BUT having light hearted and happy people live with you is far better than having heavy hearted and problematic people.

My cousin sometimes act problematic when her family asks money and I told her it's okay to help but she should leave some of her earnings for herself and not send everything to their province since she should also enjoy the fruits of her labor plus she should also start saving for her future. I realized that if you don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you give everything to your family and you see that they don’t work as they should, and still you are forced to give out of sense of loyalty then eventually you feel the burden and you start acting miserable (or sick if you keep the feeling inside) and somehow that rubs in on other people too.

So now I actually am glad of having happy people around… hmmm if I could just convince my mom to giggle too instead of being affected by my really naughty and hyperactive nieces and nephews, then that would be heaven!!!


Blogger Senor Enrique said...

Hi Beth! Just want to say what a pleasure to have met you, as well as thank you for having invited me to your centering prayer workshop, though I could only stay a short while.

Looking forward to a walking tour with you of other parts of our wonderful city.

BTW, I can actually see you as doing one of these tours as a guide say, from Divisoria to Chinatown (and that should be enough). No one does that particular route, and you know how many people are intrigued with Divisoria!

9:30 AM  
Anonymous rolly said...

Hello Beth.

I am expecting that you look for that live camera to greet me, close up. Hindi kaya, you are considering a commercial for a toothpaste. LOL.

Anyhow, i've seen another video on how to pack and fold your clothes in a suitcase. I demonstrated to my second son how to do it. Impressed sya.

One time, meron sya byahe, I reminded him about what I taught him but then, tulad ng mga bata ngayon, laging nagmamadali. So, he just placed his clothes and things in a hurry. What happened was funny. One of his underwear was hanging outside his suitcase.

At lahat kami nagtawanan.

6:35 PM  

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