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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Young again...

I browsed through my boss’ reader’s digest last Friday and saw that one of the features there was Neil Young.. gosh I suddenly missed the guy and immediately bought myself his Prairie Wind CD which I’ve been listening to alternate with the live with war songs from his website. Prairie Wind is way different from the current songs playing in his site… but that’s just how he is…

And what can I say, after all these years I still love his distinctive voice and his songs… some of his songs I don’t really understand but there is always something in it that draws me… sometimes haunts me… It is not just his voice but the instruments and his words. He is a story teller, a thought sharer (sometimes different short thoughts in a music) and there is this sense of honesty and spontaneity in thoughts and his feelings! I dunno, I guess after all these years I am still a Neil Young fan.

I still have his picture in my small treasure wooden box which I had since college. Am not sure if I got the picture a Jingle song magazine… it is not even laminated but just newsprint…

The first time I ever worked (it was summer job), the first tape I bought was his After the gold rush tape. I was singing My..my hey hey but I enjoyed my tape,particularly the Don't let it bring you down. The tape was followed by a few others including the live concert with Crosby Still and Nash (CSNY) and the last tape I bought was with the crazy horse (WELD) that didn’t really became part of the main stream sound one would hear in Manila… in fact you don’t really get to hear many of his songs played on the radio.. only his classics would be played and if I am on an FX ride and his song gets played for sure I’ll sing along... never mind if there are other passengers, I don’t sing loud anyway… but oftentimes I would close my eyes and sing silently with him hoping that there would be another one played.

I also remember closing myself in my room in my early days and just playing his tapes.. oh I would play other tapes of folk, rock and country but His was always the first tape to be played. I don’t have air conditioning in my room (still don’t have one now) and I would close all the windows and I would be sweaty (since it could be real hot in my room!) but I was enjoying it!

When I found a song magazine (can’t recall if it was a special edition of Jingle) with guitar chords to his songs.. I would play it and sing… even if I was not good playing the guitar I would strum it and sing. Occasionally now, I get do it in the office… one of night shift EDP Operator has a songbook and a guitar (2 guitars actually) and I would go there to play and sing. I’d sing some songs but I’d play Neil Young too… we would sort of jam. I wasn’t good at the guitar but he was and I would sing and I could sing loud since there won’t be any other staff anymore. Yup, I’d sing my heart out!

And I could still recall one dream… I dreamed he had a concert in Manila and I attended it and he called me from the audience and I got upstage and jammed with him… My.. that was one of my best dreams then!

Okay, the live with war music has been playing for a while, while writing this post... I'm a bit sweaty in my room too since it hot... it's time to switch to Prairie Wind and get some rest...

Nice to be listening to his song... suddenly feel YOUNG again reminiscing :-)


Blogger Senor Enrique said...

My early adulthood had Neil Young's music as background. The live CSN&Y album is still a classic for me. Love it!

However, I'd get sort of melancholy if I were to listen to his music nowadays -- Don't Let It Bring You Down, Heart of Gold, Old Man, Southern Man and etc.

Maybe without really realizing it, his songs evoke something from somewhere deep within me.

4:08 PM  

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