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Thursday, June 29, 2006


I was preparing to go to work when mama said she was going to prepare pancit today since it is my sister’s birthday. My sister is in Australia right now but any birthday in the family deserves some special meal and pancit (stir fried noodles) seems to be the usual choice since it is easy to prepare, a complete food (noodles,veggies and meat) and as the saying goes “pampahaba ng buhay” (makes life longer)!

Then I heard her ask if she will have to prepare something again tomorrow since it will be my brother’s birthday and I told her to prepare pancit today, then we can have chicken tomorrow and something else (more preparation this time) the next days since my brother’s son will be turning 7 the next day and yet another son will be turning 1 the day after… Arghhhh… a lot of eating! But there’s still more, for on the 12th of July is our youngest’ birthday and on the 15th her daughter’s birthday.. and we had just celebrated 2 of my nieces birthday on the 2nd and 17th of this month… lots of birthdays in our family these days, no wonder I have been adding lotsa pounds lately (which is good anyway!)

Through the years we have always kept the practice of preparing something everytime someone celebrates a birthday. It is not really a big thing and foods are really not that elaborate. I guess it is just an act of affirming our sense of family. And the celebration does not only include those who are around but also includes birthdays of family who are far from us and even those who have gone to the next life.

Those around (near our home) would join in the get-together celebration and if you can’t make it with the family on time you still share in the left-over (actually they segregate something for you before hand) when you get home… I’ll definitely be having left-over but for sure it would be a lot since they know how much I love pancit! And even if we are not physically together on the special days with some of our loved ones… in our hearts we celebrate the special day together…and I always ask God for special blessings for them!


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hi elizabeth! thanks for the link up. am glad that my post is of interest and use to you . . . i also hope you can join us in the next "lasang pinoy" food blogging event . . . cheers!

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