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Saturday, June 17, 2006

I've got a boyfriend???

More than a week ago, my brother’s help said that somebody gave me a bread. It was a big bread! I asked from whom it came from and she mentioned a name which I don’t know. I asked “are you sure it is for me?” and she said “yes” she added that the guy who gave it said that it came from my boyfriend. A boyfriend??? I do not even know who the guy is and now she was saying that it came from my boyfriend.

I had two thoughts… either the bread was not really meant for me or someone admires me… anyway, I just told them not to eat the bread since we really do not know from whom it came from… for all we know it might have a gayuma (a love potion) in it… hehehe… or it may be poisoned… well you’ve got to think of all possibilities!

However, the next day, I noted that they have already cut the bread and ate it… well all of them are still alive today.. What can I say, people in my home have an adventurous spirit…

Though, I was amused at the bread, I really did not give it much thought until last Thursday. I went to Nueva Ecija and when I got home late, I noted a small package in the table with my name and address in it. The package was wrapped in magazine paper. I asked from whom it came from and someone said that she just found it in our garage. SO I opened it and what did I find inside? No note… but a small figurine of a girl and a barber’s razor (but without a blade)… I was a bit spooked. Why would someone give me that??? Is someone mad at me and wants to harm me or is someone just getting tired of looking at my messy hair and wants me to use a razor to fix it up???

I am hoping for the latter… my hair is soooo dry these days and it goes in all direction and I hope this is what the person was implying at... that i have to keep my hair neat!!! Anyway, this package drew discussion among my family members and they have identified the possible person who gave it. I don’t know the guy but they say that the guy is a bit mental but he is harmless… and the discussion revealed that this is the same guy from where a small package I found also in our garage last year came from. It was not actually a package but a stainless cross wrapped in small brown paper with a note in it addressed to Beth with the name of the sender. We wondered whether it was meant for me or someone else. We can’t really figure out what the note meant but at least now we know that the package was not just left there for someone but was really intended for me…

My brother-in-law knows the guy and he said he already told him not to send me anymore gifts… now I don’t really know if his talk helped since he told the guy not to send any more gifts because I was getting married… Yikes!!!


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