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Sunday, June 04, 2006

I seek you

I haven’t used ICQ for quite a while but it is the chat program I actually like best since I have found really good friends there, mostly through random search.

I realized that it has been 5 years since I started with ICQ and I thought I’d put a nice post using their message in a bottle series which I really am crazy about. Those greeting cards are really cute. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SOUND so be sure the speakers are on!!! And since they are sort of interactive, you’ve got to open the bottle before the message unfolds. And for the last message be sure to click on all the petals for you to really fall in love!

Okay too much talk, here goes my thought on ICQ:

ICQ is a cool place, if you’re lucky you get to meet really nice people even in random chat and you begin to really LIKE them. You talk and you get to be involved in their lives and are really happy when they do something great that you immediately send your CONGRATULATIONS once you learn about it... if you’re well-off you’d probably send them real gifts but sometimes even VIRTUAL FLOWERS expresses the intentions nicely. Of course you also see the downsides of their lives and sometimes in your talks you could easily sense their anger… oh not towards you but to someone else that you’d immediately tell them to just relax and CHILL OUT and let the anger pass… of course sometimes you hurt them too with your remarks and you’d feel so SORRY about it… sometimes even if you don’t intend to, words come across differently and you hurt them and you don’t really know about it…and it happens the other way around too! For there are times that they can piss you off too and you become ANGRY

Even in virtual space you experience different emotions! You feel happy.. you learn.. you grow.. you face crisis and ask whether you want to go on with your friendship or not!

You try to get to know the other person well and sometimes the feeling doesn’t just stop on friendship but goes beyond.. you FALL IN LOVE

And that’s the time you decide whether you want to just keep your relationship in virtual space or beyond... for FALLING IN LOVE is a nice feeling but staying in love requires commitment that goes beyond virtual space!



Anonymous myepinoy said...

Hi Beth! How are you?

So you were an ICQ fan also. Like you I have not used ICQ for years now however, just few weeks ago, I did update my software to ICQ5.1.

I do not know what's new with the latest version but soon I'll check it out.


4:22 AM  
Anonymous me again said...

I tried the link, Okay sya. hahaha..

4:28 AM  

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