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Saturday, June 10, 2006


My youngest sister accompanied me to the mall today for a make-up test (hehehe… not an examination in school.. I’ve been out of school for a loooooooooooooooong time!!!), am not really sure how it is called but we went to the cosmetics counter to have my face “made up” by the consultant there since I was going to buy a make up set.

So what’s the big deal in buying a make up? Well, I don’t really wear make up and you can count the times I’ve worn make up in my hands… oh ok, I do wear a powder, I use the pressed “white” powder of VMV since my face is really sensitive. If I had no problem with my skin, then I wouldn’t wear any at all.

So why buy make up? Well I am going to be GODMOTHER in my nephew’s wedding comes Wednesday and I have to fix myself… You can’t really wear a gown (ahem… that’s another thing I don’t do also wearing a gown… but then again, there’s a first time to everything! And since no ready made gown would fit me particularly the length, I have to have one made for me… and it is a loooooooooooooong gown!!!)

Anyway, that’s not really my story but something else. So, me and my sister went to the cosmetics counter of VMV and had the girl there make me… I did not like the first thing that she did, it was just a combination of the skin savvy and foundation (not really complete) but I felt so MADE UP… when I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt like I was looking at the made up face of a corpse!!! No way, I’m going to have that so I went to the washroom and washed my face. Really felt sighing when I got back but I have to push through with this… so we tried another time. This time, I used my hands to put on the “liquid” skin savvy and things was starting to look a bit better… and while we are EXPERIMENTING on my face, a lady and a boy sat beside me… they were just there and then their older woman companion came too. I did not notice the lady and the boy leave but the woman stayed on… she was just watching me. I told her nicely that I felt uncomfortable being watched but she just stayed on.. then she was already making suggestions as to the make up. She told me “Ilongga Ka?” (Are You Ilongga?), I asked, are you from Iloilo? And she said no, she is Waray (I think that will be from either Samar or Leyte). I told her, my father is from Negros (though I could speak the dialect, I did not really stay there and I don’t think I have an Ilonggo accent). Well she would not leave so I sort of got used to her just staying around and watching… She asked why I was having my my face made up and I said I am going to be a godmother… and she said hmmm… maybe "you’re the one who is getting married…" and I said "No!"... anyway, she was making small talks and I focused myself on the mirror when I suddenly realized she was already on my other side (my left side)… then she got my left hand… (ahhh.. that woman was really getting comfortable with me and I wasn’t really encouraging her) and she said “You are good at saving”, then she took my other hand and said that “I have long life”… now my sister and the consultant was also curious, I was amused… she did not stop and continued that I am going to get married but it will not last long (yikes, who would want to get married if it ain’t going to last long!!!) then also added that I was going to marry somebody from different shore (now what shore does she mean)… ah my sister’s interest was certainly caught and she extended her hands too so she could look it over… she asked a few things and funny, she was right… the consultant couldn’t help herself from showing her hands too and she answered her question… she asked another thing (which I could not remember now and the woman said that for that she would need CARDS)… I was focused on having the proper combination for my face so I could buy my first make up set (gosh this cost me a lot… actually the whole wedding has cost me a lot already and that doesn’t even include the gift.. oh well) and now I have my own set… my very first make up set!!!

I lost my attention on the woman and focused on the make up so we could already leave… I was there long but at least I did not really waste the time of the consultant… actually, I totally forgot about the woman… but comes supper time my sister brought out the topic and the other siblings were teasing me… my sister also added that after the woman talked to us, she left. I did not notice it that time but it is true… she left.

My brother and sister-in-law have their theories… of course they are theories and telling about them here will take a longer note and this is already very long and I promised myself to sleep early and it already late…

Anyway just a last thought on the matter… we call the woman here “manghuhula”, her equivalent in English is a “fortune teller”. “Hula” means guess... so a manghuhula should mean a guesser… hehehe.. was she a good guesser? Only time will tell!

I find it curious though that English or Americans (or whatever) would call them “fortune teller” and not “fate teller” while we would call them "guessers". So which one would be more correct???

Well I don’t really believe in fortune telling or in "Hula" but I would admit I was entertained… I guess too entertained that I even broke my commitment of going to sleep early so I could write about it :-)))


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