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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Son of the sun!!!

Today is labor day (oops no longer today.. but that would be yesterday since I am making this post late!!!) and we had no work... so a long weekend for us laborers!!!

It would have been cool to just stay at home and catch up on rest but I have been real busy during the long weekend doing all sorts of errands and activities... what was hard was travelling from one place to another to accomplish the tasks and attend my activities since it has really been hot and humid... plus one moment you are perspiring then next moment you'll be in an airconditioned area... sometimes i would already be in an airconditioned area and i would still be sweating and would ask my companion (been with different people) if it was just me or it was really hot.... hehehe... wondered if maybe i was having hot flushes! but good thing they all said that it was really hot!!!

Anyway, i really did not enjoy staying in the sun but i thought I was still lucky since I don't really have to stay in the sun most of the time... i only get exposed when i travel (have not joined the big crowd that have been going to the beaches and resorts to enjoy the summer!) and i have been seeing and thinking about those people that have to stay in the heat of the sun to earn a living... those in construction.. the vendors.. my field auditors who go directly to our customers to confirm their accounts... the messengers... the delivery crew...the farmers... the fisherfolks...so many of them... all laborers... all sons of the sun!
i thought i'd send them each an angel to keep them cool and protect them while working...


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