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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's day

This has been a long and busy weekend. I have been out of the house almost all the time.. okay that would be an exaggeration since I get to be home in the evening but somehow I feel tired…Yet I don’t really want to end the day without making a post since this is a special day for mothers.

I pray for the all mothers especially for my mama. We didn’t really have a get together today unlike in previous years but I did greet her immediately when I woke up (with a matching kiss, of course) plus I did an errand for her and I was thinking while on the road that doing it with a light heart was my gift… Hmmm… does that sound like a justification for not giving her a true gift??? Hehehe…. Actually we don’t really give gifts in our home for birthdays and most occasions but mostly we have a simple celebration together and if someone can’t make it on time… then she eats the food prepared which the family left for her (in this case just spaghetti since I am a bit broke these days… darn those electric bills that got a big share of the expense this month!!!).

Anyway, I was planning to blog early and rest early but another mother (that will be my “caregiver sis”) asked to talk in YM and we had a long chat. She was sharing with me her experiences and telling me that she’s finding it hard to finish her work on time… why??? Because she can’t help herself talking with her patients… she can’t JUST do her normal duties when she knows that they would want to talk or show her something… she cannot refuse… hehehe… of course she would find it hard to refuse she’s a talker like myself (by the sound of her.. she also enjoys the talks and it seems the patients enjoy talking with her too)… and I know that she does care for them after all she’s a MOM…

Me… I am not a mom… our home have never run of children (right now there are 5 toddlers at home)… but none of them ever came from my womb… still I think I had somehow experienced how to be a mom for all the children that ever stayed in our home.. of course none of them will ever call me mom.. I am quite content being called Tita (Aunt) Beth and okay I’ll also get used to being called Lola (grandaunt) Beth… BUT comes June I am finally going to be a mother…

Okay.. okay… there won’t be a miracle for there’s a prefix that goes with the mother… I’ll be a GODMOTHER!!! So why all the capital letters??? Because it is not just a godmother to children on their baptism and confirmation (I’ve done that before) BUT a godmother in a wedding.

Me... a godmother in a wedding??? YIKES I am getting old!!!

And talking of old… I guess this old gal has to get her sleep ‘coz her eyes couldn’t keep up anymore…

Happy mother's day to all! God bless all mothers and godmothers to be...hehehe. I want to share in God's blessing too!)


Anonymous bingskee said...

belated happy mother's day to your mom, at sa yo na rin for being a mother to those little kids.

nasa isip lang ang pagiging old he he

6:36 PM  

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