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Monday, May 29, 2006


We were having lunch at home when my brother mentioned that there is now a new meaning for dalaginding (girl in her pre-teens). So we asked what’s the new meaning and he said “dalagang bading” and we all laughed. Filipinos are really good at coining words. DALAGA means an unmarried woman while BADING is gay term for bakla which means “gay”. He said there’s going to be a segment on them from Jessica Soho’s report.

Well I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to see that segment but there sure is a lot of those dalagindings in my neighborhood and many of them converge in front of our gate almost every night. Why our place? Well, unfortunately our place has the only working light post in our neighborhood and there are places to sit around so they feel very comfortable here…

It used to be that you see gays mostly in beauty parlors but now they are everywhere and they are really starting out very young. Some of those that hang around in our place could just be around 10 years old (though most would be around 15 to 18) and they wear really very short shorts and fitting t-shirts and they are already good at swaying their hips and projecting a “sexy aura” and they are very noisy when they get together… as in really noisy!!!

One time I saw one of them dressed in a tight fitting gown showing off her figures to the rest of his (or should it be her?) friends. Sometimes I see them practicing for beauty contests showcasing their talents (singing and dancing) and even doing a question an answer portion. There have been times when I saw them playing some kind of weird gay games but most times they just hang around an talk and just express their gayness… you sort of get used to them hanging around since it is no use getting mad at them since they don’t pay attention to you when you tell them to be silent or go home since it is already late and people in my home needs their rest… and even if you report them to your Barangay, they don’t really do much about it (though there was one instance when they were actually rounded up and forced to stay in detention for the whole night)… sometimes they could get too noisy though that if you could you’d like to just hit the light post with a stone so that our place won’t be lighted anymore and they would all go home or maybe wish that you have a magic wand and cast a spell on them that they all turn to “macho man with frog like figures” if they don’t leave our place at 10 pm (hehehe… they will all freak out for sure if they turn to frogmen)

As I said you get use to them and you don’t really want to interfere since it is their life after all… however, one of my nephews is acting up strange and already fixing his hair a lot putting them behind his ears… Yikes, we better do something already else he joins their crowd and invite them all inside our home… gosh the noise would be too much for me to bear for sure and it is not just their gay noise but I could imagine mama’s freaking voice shouting for all of them to shut up…

Ok… it is late, I guess I better shut up too!


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