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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fasting and thanksgiving

So it is already Holy Week, a time of Prayer and Fasting…

Actually I like Holy week better than Christmas since there is no pressure to shop… plus I actually like quiet moments than festive moments. Of course we will have our family get together on Easter Sunday. Aside from the food, the children and adults alike enjoy our egg hunting on said day. We have been doing it for a long time… the children then are now teenagers and adults with some having children of their own…so there will be more searchers now and still the same places to hide the eggs! We use quail eggs for minor prizes marked with numbers and for major prizes we use plastic eggs with can be opened and put the prize tags there which corresponds to the prizes which are placed on the table.

Anyway the days before Easter are really time of prayer and solitude. My friends have invited me earlier to join them in their Visita Iglesia (church hopping) in the Pampanga area but I have declined (as usual) since I rather just be in our church here spending moments with GOD…

Fasting from food is relatively easy for me compared to fasting from the use of my computer. Last year, someone stole the telephone line in our neighborhood so we had no internet connection from Holy Thursday to Easter(the linemen were also on vacation)… God made it easy for me then and I was telling Him so but also mentioned to Him that some people joined in my fasting…hehehe.

This year, my machine got busted (it got busted last Sunday actually) so it would have been really easy for me (and me alone) to have my "fasting"… but see I am cheating a bit posting in my sibling’s machine. But actually I still have time since I have told him I’d do my fasting from the internet starting Thursday…

Aside from this post I’ll try not to cheat anymore… I’d like to really spend time with the Lord. I am really thankful since I am alive and okay. Yesterday was sort of a traumatic day for me since I tripped in the cable wire in the office and hit my head (actually the right side of my face) and knees on the concrete floor in the office. Good thing I did not lose consciousness and though the fall was really bad and I had to stay in the ER for a long time…I got mostly blurry vision…swelling… a swollen face... big forehead similar to some of those guys in star trek… and a really big swell on the knee.. like ¾ of an apple placed on my knee.. so I am still swollen now but not as big as yesterday! And my skull is intact though some small (a teenie weenie) break in my bone in the orbital area (around the eyes) but does not require immediate surgery… hoping though that no surgery will be actually required.

Everybody in my office was surprised with the loud BLAG they heard and sort of panicked when they saw me on the floor but I believe my angel was with me and buffered my fall... I really find God truly amazing!!!

Anyway… things happen and God knows everything and everything always turn out right in the end if we just trust Him… so with that I’d like to continue with my Holy week and have a blessed Easter!

God bless to all that passes through here!!!


Blogger Luchie said...

Take care!! I pray for your speedy recovery. Happy Easter!!!

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Erik... said...

I hope you are better and that it didn't hinder your Easter celebration too much!!

8:15 AM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

Thanks Luchie and Erik. I am well and hope you had a good easter too. Our family had a nice celebration on easter.

God bless you both!!!

10:11 PM  

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