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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cool mists on hot summer days

It was hot this afternoon and there are bound to be more hot days ahead. Good thing our home is full of large windows so that the heat is not too much since the wind goes around the house. I don't go upstairs to my room though in the afternoon since it could really be hot there even if its 3 corners are surrounded by large windows. I guess the galvanized iron roof on two sides of my windows just sends heat to my room...actually even the walls feel hot that my machine often breaks down because of the heat... that's why I still don't have a working computer machine (argh... 2 weeks now) in my room and am at the generosity of my sibling (have to stay in their room though to be able to have access). But our home is actually lot better than most home in the country without airconditioner... some feels like an oven during the summer months that people usually go to the mall. I am not really a mall person so I am still lucky that our home doesn't feel like an oven.

Even our church is not spared from the heat. There are just too many people that goes there that it could be very hot. Good thing they have installed electric fans in the walls that emits a very fine water mists that somehow reduce the temperature without the people getting wet. Of course some churhes are already airconditioned so that the parishoners don't really have to sweat it out and could concentrate more on the service but our parish is not a rich parish that could afford such... so the mist fan is certainly a "cool"feature!

Thinking of the church mist reminded me of my visit to India in 2001 wherein I got to visit the Amber palace near Jaipur. No one lives there anymore andwe had to ride an elephant to get to there. Our tourist guide talked about how it was when the maharajah and his people still lived there... how they stored water during rainy season for use on the summer months.. how they captured the wind for use as natural airconditioners and he even showed us an area there where they have this water curtain that could cool the princesses during the hot months. Can't remember anymore where they stored the water that would pass to the iron pipes (which are still there) with small holes where the water would drip producing a water curtain that could sometimes even smell of flowers (when they put scent in the water). Of course, nothing works now except for the natural airconditoners since you could still feel the wind there. It is amazing how people could be so creative to adapt to their environment, huh?

It is not warm anymore tonight... even my room upstairs is airy but I am not staying there since I am still sleeping with my mom during night time. Now it is amazing but her room is always cool even on hot summer days!


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