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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Two love stories

I have been seeing a lot of former officemates these past few days. Aside from Berna and her husband two former officemates visited us in the office plus I also got to meet an officemate in another company where I worked more than 20 years ago… It is always story-telling time during said events…

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I enjoyed talking with Berna and her husband but I don’t really know their love affair that is until I asked Jane yesterday… and she said “You mean I did not tell you??? When I’ve told their story to almost everybody???” So after 3 years I finally learned Berna and Bernard’s love story…

Berna was pretty raw and young when she came to our office… she just came from the province then and she was so simple and innocent… She’s friendly but she became really close to Jane… in fact she calls Jane “mother”. Jane would usually ask Berna to have her pictures developed and she would do so then go to sit in a bench in Intramuros while she looks at Jane’s pictures. Anyway, one Saturday, she again had Jane’s pictures developed and sat in her favorite bench while looking over the picture. She was just in her house clothes then since the place was just near the room she and her sister was renting. Then, this foreigner approached her and asked for direction and she gave him direction and continued looking over the pictures… then the man came back and asked again… then came back again and this time talked with her and invited her to meet him in the afternoon (I forgot the time Jane mentioned) near Robinson’s mall. Oh well she was not really planning on seeing him but she could not explain it when she suddenly fixed herself when the scheduled meeting was near… So she went to the place and true enough the man was waiting… she was afraid to come near so she went around the mall (probably figuring out whether she wanted to push through or not) and when she would go check the place again and still he was there… finally after an hour she finally approached him and he was really glad… moreso since this time Berna fixed herself… and she was beautiful! They had a good talk and he invited her again to go out and this time she would ask Jane to accompany them (and Jane would be more excited than she was!!!) He finally went back to the US and they corresponded through emails… the girls (that’s what we call the stationed auditors) shared only one computer then (it was at the back portion of our office) then and she would go check her mails… they had a lot of mails and he visited her lots too… ahhh remember he come from the US and not just another place in Manila… he was frequently visiting Manila to see her and know her!!! Well it was actually not a love at first sight for Berna but I guess he was really a neat person and had won her over… and now they are happy…You can see it in their faces!!!

It is really neat to be in love… romantically in love… but there are other forms of love that could really touch your heart and my heart was really touched when I got to talk with Bien, another of our former officemate who visited…

At one point in our talk, I asked about his sister… I remember how he would frequently transfer house and to far away places at that so he could separate her sister from her boyfriend. Their mother disliked him tremendously thinking he was no good for her daughter…he would ask for leaves from the office from time to time so they could transfer homes… until they finally gave up! Her sister was too much in love with her boyfriend and so they got married and raised their family… but that’s not just it…Bien’s mother stayed with them most of the time and there came a time when she became bedridden… and guess who took care of her? Bien’s brother-in-law! He took care of her for a long time until her death!!! Bien was saying that even if it was her mother, he was not able to take care of her but his brother-in-law, he took care of her, with NO complaints whatsoever…Now that’s a really deep love I should say! Not just forgiving the person who hurt you, in your mind BUT forgiving and loving and caring deeply for that person!

Okay.. it is very late, there are other love stories in the office but I guess that’s about it for now!


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