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Sunday, February 19, 2006

The mountain collapsed!

It is hard to imagine to imagine a mountain collapsing or a village suddenly being wiped out from a map but such recently happened in Southern Leyte. It is not only the structures or the farms that was lost but lives…hundreds of people gone in an instant!

Will it be a one time blow?

Definitely NOT…

Only the magnitude may differ but the way things are, our country may be hearing more landslides…mudslides!

But what is really to blame for the mudslide?

The continuous rain brought about by the La Nina phenomenon? The earthquake that shook the mountain? Illegal logging? Years of environmental abuse???

Most likely all.

We have no control over nature or the weather… but we can certainly control logging activities! We can do something to protect our forest and upland farms but we don’t! And the greed of man and the desire for instant result and profit would certainly hasten the death not just of our forest but ultimately our people… a really sad fate!


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