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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bonifacio, symbol of Filipino heroism

It is Bonifacio day today.

The government moved the holiday (no work) last Monday to have a long weekend instead of celebrating it today. However, when I passed by Tutuban this morning, there was a band playing and they have already laid flowers on Andres Bonifacio’s monument so somehow there was still a celebration of the birth anniversary of one of our great national heroes. Tonight, the news showed a lot of protest marches against the government with some of the rallyists in Katipunero attire.

Suddenly wondered how come we celebrate the birth anniversary of Andres Bonifacio and commemorate the death anniversary of Jose Rizal so I checked again on the life of Bonifacio. While Rizal died as a martyr when he was executed in Bagumbayan after a mock trial by the Spaniards, Bonifacio was actually killed by his compatriots… fellow Filipinos! The same people he was fighting along with to gain our freedom from Spain! All because the other faction thought he was a threat to the success of the revolution!

Made me realize that his life and death actually represents Filipino Heroism. His life and struggles represents the capacity for greatness of each Filipino and the manner of his death shows the divisiveness of the Filipinos.
It is still so true up to the present time. Though many would say, especially our politicians, that they have the best intention for the country, their solution to our woes are so different. And not one would give in thinking that their solution is the best… and in the process failure… a waste of so many resources! Maybe one day we could all get united… doesn’t really matter whose solution is best as long as we all work together after all we all have the capacity for greatness, it is in our blood!


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