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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Conrad Hilton

When I was young my father told me lots of stories from the books he read. He was reading a lot of Positive Thinking books and how the rich became rich. One of the people he liked to talk about was Conrad Hilton, the great grandfather of Paris Hilton and the founder of the Hilton chain of Hotels. His story is not the same story I read when I was older but I liked his version better. I guess he changed some of it to add more drama to the story so I could appreciate it better.

His story starts with Conrad being a poor guy who immigrated to the to the US. One day he saw the Waldorf Astoria hotel and immediately fell in love with it. He looked for a photographer to take its picture and on its face he wrote “The greatest of them all, someday I’ll buy you!” He put the picture on his wallet and carried it everywhere he goes and would look at it everyday reading his note. In the end he was able to buy the greatest hotel! [Conrad’s real story on Waldorf here]

His story doesn’t end there actually for he would say that my mama did the same on him. That she took one of his pictures and wrote there “You handsomest of them all, someday you’ll be mine” Hehehe… of course there would be an argument if my mama hears his version. Seriously though, he liked the story because he applied the same principle and it worked. He told me how he got a clipping of Volkswagen beetle he liked so much in the newspaper and placed it in his desk. Every time someone would ask about his clipping, he would tell that it would be delivered soon and true enough after a few months he had his car!

But just what is the point to his story? That when you really want something, you have to start with something even if it is just a picture! That the mere sight of a picture will inspire you to work towards your dream!

So why did I suddenly think about papa’s story?

Well, my favorite auditor who went to the US last year finally answered my email after a long while saying they are okay but that life is not really that easy there! That he would go home from work really exhausted that he just wants to go to bed and rest! I know how much he misses his work here and the traveling from one province to another… and now he is in an entirely different environment! But he has his family with him and that counts a lot! Actually that’s the main reason he went, so they could all be together!

He promised me when he left that he will make good in the US and I told him that I believe he can do it. I know that he is having some regrets on his decision BUT he can’t really go back… so I want him to keep focused and never lose sight of his dream of a good life together with his family! I know it will take some time again before he opens his email so I am writing instead my best wishes for him here. Maybe if I envision them happy and rich it will be faster for them to make it! I certainly hope so!


Anonymous Mama BoK said...

What an encouraging story.. Beth..! thank you .. :)

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