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Sunday, October 23, 2005

United Nations

October 24 is United Nations Day. The U.N. is now celebrating its 60th anniversary. I remember how we used to dress up in different costumes in school as we celebrated that day. It still goes on till this day as I see students dress up in different costumes of the world and parade around their school. I just don’t know if they do it in other countries especially war-torn countries…probably not.

But one can still hope that there will come a time when the UN is not just an organization but a reality…where people allow and help other people grow and develop into the best they can be… when bias and hatred of another race is gone.

I remember an African folktale I read in the Book of Virtues a long time ago. I had to get the story from the book which seems very appropriate for this day. A story on why Frog and snake never play together. On why two children of different species who had too much fun together learning and teaching each other would suddenly withdraw from the other… all because their mothers says so.

Yup… because their elders tell them to be wary, even hate the other!

It still happens today. Some parents teach their children to form bias by stereotyping other people and culture… some government leaders tell their people to go to war…
some religious leaders tell their followers it is okay to kill to protect their faith… so hatred and war remains.

It will be great if we don’t just imagine how the world will be if there was peace… but actually live in peace in harmony!


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