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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Breakfast at Chowking

I attended the mass at Sto. Domingo church and decided to have breakfast at Chowking Banawe before going home. I rarely eat meat so Chowking could provide more choices than the McDonald’s also in the area.

Anyway, I was silently enjoying my breakfast while glancing at the poster beside me reading the contest on texting your experience at chowking when I saw a lady and a teenager coming up the stairs. She was having difficulty going up the stairs!

Anyway, the minute she entered the glass door, she shouted “Papatayin nyo ba ako?” (are you going to kill me?) while raising the chowking plastic bag for her take out order. Of course I was shocked and stopped eating for a while, wondered if she found something in her food… she then said “Where’s your supervisor” and took a seat then demanded for a cold water. She was talking at the top of her voice saying that she is having her weekly dialysis somewhere nearby and this is the fourth time the store did this to her… that she found it hard to walk going to the place and what if she fainted along the road… are they going to answer for that? That the previous times she ordered she had a congee that tasted like spoiled and that the lomi she bought last time did not taste good and now they are giving her something that is not complete… SHE HAS NO CALAMANSI (Philippine lemon) and SOY SAUCE IN HER PANCIT (noodle)… don’t they check what they give for take out orders???

I almost laughed when I heard that and took a glance at her! Okay just a quick glance since I did not really want to meddle though I felt like giving her some piece of advice. Imagine saying they are trying to kill her for not giving calamansi… then saying that it was the fourth time such happened and she still kept ordering from the place even if she is not content… anyway…the supervisor was kind and attended her and kept her cool. Good thing also that it was early so that there were really not many customers. The supervisor asked what she wanted and I think took note of her preferences or limitations, remember she said she was having weekly dialysis, so that they would know next time she would send someone for her order…

While this was going on… I was reflecting on her and pitying her a bit. She is undergoing dialysis so that I am sure she does not feel comfortable, fear is probably creeping or engulfing her own being that just a little something and it becomes a big thing…imagine saying that they are trying to kill her just because they forgot to put calamansi with her order! I also pitied the boy that was with her because she kept on shouting at him and I admired the supervisor for keeping her cool and calming her in the end.

I took another glance at the poster… can’t recall anymore but it says share your thoughts on the food and the experience and you might win the prizes indicated, there were also pictures of the previous winners… I checked on their covering period… ahh promo is up to September 30 only… it is already October 1… I wondered if the customer has ever seen that poster… and I wonder what Chowking management would have thought of if ever she texted such entry…

Oh well just random thoughts that was going to my mind… in the end everything went well… I cleaned my plate of seafood chowfan rice and tofu , the lady got her calamansi and calmed a bit which is good for the boy since he doesn’t have to bear her anger… and I am sure the store supervisor will have a story to tell her friends.

Sometimes eating breakfast in a fastfood restaurant could be interesting!


Blogger bing said...

hi, elizabeth..

vegetarian ka? kaya siguro slim ka..

i had witnessed many scenarios in restaurants or in fastfood places. i could understand that woman, though she doesnt have the right to treat people like that just becuz she is sick.

what i could not understand was that scene one time where two lovers where shouting at each other inside jollibee, and that is a place full of people almost all the time. i wondered that time if the girl just wanted to draw attention... tsk tsk the younger generation...

1:39 PM  

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