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Sunday, September 25, 2005

When the heart is light again!

When I see the “ Lucky Me instant noodle” commercial of the little girl enthusiastically greeting people she meets “Good Morning!” I would smile because I realized that for quite a while already, I have been doing the same. Oh okay, oftentimes it would just be the tamer version of greeting “good morning”… not really to the point where you feel like jumping or stretching your arms wide open as you greet but just a happy greeting with a matching happy smile…

I don’t exactly know when I started feeling lighthearted and extending my good morning greetings to more people but I am glad that the heaviness has finally lifted from my heart.

I have cried for quite a while that sometimes I think I am going nuts for being misty eyed even when there’s really no particular thought in my mind that triggers it.

Does it mean that I wasn’t functioning well while this was going on?

Not really!

Everyday I try to start with a new day. I use my cell phone as my alarm clock and the sound that wakes me up is my voice telling me that it is a beautiful day, some affirmations plus a “so enjoy the day!” finale.

I do my stretching and simple exercises in the morning before preparing myself for work…

I am doing well in the office as I get things done and I can think properly…

I join the girls in lunch and share in their discussions including the telenovelas they are watching and listen to their showbiz gossips since I rarely watch talk shows… well I don’t really have to since some of the girls do it well… I mean delivering the stories….

I interact as I always do with the people at home. The kids—the toddler nieces and nephews still turns me into a playground when they feel like it. I listen to the telenovelas the people at home are watching while having my supper and sometimes stay in the couch too and watch with them…

At night I am able to sleep...

So nothing has really changed… everything is still the same… but somehow I realized that I am not just deciding on being happy…of feeling okay but that I really feel good! Lighthearted! And I can’t help myself from uttering a prayer of thanks…a prayer that just doesn’t come from the mind and the lips but one from that comes from the heart!

Life is good especially when your heart is light again!


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