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Friday, September 09, 2005

Volkssporting... volksmarching!

I talked with someone who was into volkssporting.

I asked, what’s that? Some kind of sports involving a volkswagen???

Turned out to be a German derived term for Popular Sports (ahhh.. isn’t a volkswagen supposed to be people’s car or popular car.. dumb of me!)

It is a safe exercise in a non-competitive environment wherein you choose the kind of sport you want to engage in, either walking, running, cycling.

The most common is volksmarching which is usually 10-k walk which is usually hosted by clubs which select a trail for safety, scenic interest, historic areas, natural beauty and walkability. So you just don’t walk any route, you follow a set trail which is pleasant or interesting place to walk.

They usually provide a book or maps which have trails and they would even have questions for you to answer like "who is the statue in the corner of this path and that?" (guess to check if you really followed the path since you stamp the book on the place you visited. I’ve actually seen this concept in a zoo I visited in Australia wherein they gave us a sort of passport and we stamp the logo of the animals we visited).

I think it is a good concept not just for fitness but also for tourism. It will be nice if the local governments here could set up trails covering the landmark of the cities (that will be easy in Manila since there are many landmarks there now). They would provide (even sell) maps or "Path books" for the people then set up booths in the landmarks where they could get their "book" stamped… there should be foodstalls of course and souvenir items—they have to make money afterall! In return they would have to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the walkers/tourists.

I think that would be better than what we have now for volksmarching.

I realized that we have our own version of volksmarching. It is pretty common nowadays! It is popular but unfortunately they are not "non-competitive". Our People march are march of protests… the rallies in EDSA… Liwasang Bonifacio.. in Espana… really unproductive and irritating!

Ahh come to think of it we also have our own version of volkssporting…I am sure the "tong-its" and bingo lovers would know it…


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