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Sunday, September 04, 2005


My niece pointed to some sunflowers with big golden yellow flowers on the road and said in matter-of-fact voice that they face where the sun is. I smiled as listen to her. I was thinking that sunflowers are flowers of summer and here we are on our rainy season and still would see sunflowers blooming! It suddenly made me remember my childhood when I used to see a lot of sunflowers lined in the University Ave. of UP when I would visit an aunt there.

They were tall, big and wild! I was really fascinated looking at them since I don't get to see flowers that big... and so many of them. Then they remove it. They changed the flowers there. I guess they were gone for a long time but now they are back as I read in some of the pinoy blogs. I haven't passed that Avenue in a long long time so I would not reeally know but I think the flowers there are not as many and are not as alive and big as the ones I saw when I was younger.

Anyway, I wasn't smiling just because of that memory. I was also smiling because I thought it was a treat to see a sunflower on a rainy day! And you couldn't really say that those sunflowers are facing the sun as my niece said because there is no sun :-) but maybe like them, we should feel inside of us where the sun is even if we don't see it! Yeah... I think I smiled because it suddenly made me think that there is always hope...


Blogger bing said...

very positive, 'lizbeth, and the sunflower as a symbol for hope - that's new but worth remembering!

10:22 PM  

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