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Friday, September 23, 2005

Dorn Therapy

I accompanied my boss in Makati to have a healing session with Thomas Zudrell, a German married to a Filipina who is propagating the Dorn method of healing in the Philippines. My boss has been complaining of painful back that I told her about the Dorn treatment my mother had yesterday.

My mother’s posture is really bad that there is now a lump on her back… a few more years and I think the lump will be a big as that of the Kampanerang Kuba (the hunchback chuchbell ringer). I have been convincing her for a long time to have it treated but she always says NO. However, yesterday, I was finally able to convince her to have Dorn Therapy with Thomas Zudrell who also gave me a treatment last year because of the pain on my lower back and shoulder.

My mother does not ask much from me but she is very hard to please! However, this time she did not complain. She was satisfied with her treatment, she felt relieved of the pain and the lump on her back has flattened a bit. She is keen on doing the exercises given to her and really thinks it will help. My Boss was also satisfied with the treatment. I think it also helped that Thomas did not just do the procedure but also explained the procedure all through out the session so that the treatment was very casual and relaxing.

If you are going to have a treatment it will be best if you have someone with you. The procedure is done mostly on your spine… your back… so you won’t be able to see what’s being done but another person could appreciate the “before” and “after” look of your back. Of course you’ll be feeling a lot better after the treatment but knowing the Filipinos attitude of “to see is to believe”, it will be best to have someone witness and give you moral support on your after treatment exercises.

Actually Dorn is not just for bad Back but is good for a lot of other pains and ailments that is directly and indirectly connected to the spinal column… you may think that it only involves a few illnesses but you’ll be amazed at the ailments that can be treated by Dorn. I think you name it and they have it in their list which goes from A to Z (oops no, I checked and it only goes up to W).

Dorn practioners believe that pains and a lot of ailments come from a misaligned spine and legs and unlike chiropractic it is a gentle treatment since you are mostly moving while the procedure is being done so your muscle is more or less not resisting the force. Actually the procedure is simple but you will have to follow simple exercises at home to ensure long-term success.

If you insist on doing the same wrong things like crossing your legs, stretching the hip joint more than 90 degrees with knees turned inward, bending your back while lifting heavy objects and other wrong postures eventually you’ll start feeling pain again.

Thomas Zudrell feels confident of healing and says that if it doesn’t work that there might be some other psychological factors behind the problem and one of them maybe that the patient doesn’t really want to get healed because he gets more attention when he is sick!

Now that’s really something to think about!!!


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Anonymous sheilatumaroy@yahoo.com said...

I have learned about dorn therpy by accident when i was surfing the channels on my television but unfortunately what i know about helping straighten up you back bone, i did really got to watch the whole episode. For several years of suffering a slip desk order im having a hard time setting or standing for a long period of time and at night i can feel the pain on my back. I tryed putting ointment to give me some relief but just for a while. I just want to know if the dorn therapy is available here in davao city in the phillipines and where can i find it...please help.... my e-mail address is sheilatumaroy@yahoo.com


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