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Monday, September 12, 2005

Amazing wires

It has been almost a week since the telephone line in our neighborhood has been busted thus no internet connection for me at home.

One of the wires flared up in one of the electric posts that is near our home and it almost caused fire in the neighborhood. Good thing only the wires were affected and most of them were telephone wires.
The electricity was immediately restored the day of the fire but it is taking time for the telephone lines to be restored. I heard that they are going to relocate it already... far from those other wires! Well I don't don't really wonder why they would decide that since those wires are not just octopus wires but a spaghetti of wires going in all directions! They said that there would be NO fire if only telephone wires were there but several illegal electric wires passed through those (unfortunately very rampant in our place) and an overload probably caused the flare.

Those wires are really dangerous! You hope something could be done about it. You could complain but even the utility companies are finding it hard to fix the problem there... they'll cut the illegal lines and the next day they are all back again...

I wish I had magic...

Nope... i won't really fix the wires... the wires could easily be fixed by the utility companies.

Instead I'll make all those people putting the illegal wires stay in one small place full of wires.. that just one false move and they'll go BOOM!

Ha... that will be the day!!!

PS... the office was dismissed early because of transport strike... good thing is i was able to make a post since i can't do it at home... but i sure hope people will end these kinds of activities... they are not really productive :-(((


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:38 PM  
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Blogger elizabeth said...

Goodness... i've just posted and i immediately got a comment!

I think i should also include the spammers in the place i'll be sending those "illegal connection" people and i hope they'll all blow up and be gone from the face of the earth forever... hehehe.. just away from my neighborhood and from my machine! they deserve another chance.. another life too!

4:45 PM  
Blogger bing said...

hi, 'lizbeth! we had one near-fire incident din dito sa aming lugar with those spaghetti-like wires around a transformer that got overloaded. that was traumatic for me. i kept praying but i was so unstable and i wasnt aware i was walking to and fro inside the house.

very incompetent ang nga service-providers dito sa Pinas.

7:51 PM  

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