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Friday, August 12, 2005

Wishes on a bad weather...

Weather has been bad the past few days. The vendors downstairs are making a killing selling umbrellas especially with the alternating sunny weather and heavy downpours. The umbrellas they sell are cheap, just P50.00 sometimes even P35.00 each but oftentimes it is only good for one use and if you have bad luck sometimes not even good for one use. I remember buying one before and after a while it was also raining inside my umbrella… Ugh!

Good thing I don’t have to leave the office this lunch since I already got wet going to work this morning. The lower portion of my pants still feel cold and there are so many umbrellas scattered all over the work place waiting to dry (actually most of them are dry already but their owners still have not folded them).

How I wish there is an umbrella the size of a pen when folded but big enough to cover you in the rain...something light and durable you can always carry it in your bag or even your pocket!

It will be nice if someone invented a comfortable shoes that can be converted to waterproof rainboots just by pressing or even stomping your feet and it will even be better if that shoes has a built-in light waterproof cloth that you can pull up to your thigh so you won’t get wet a bit…

And if you do get wet… that there is a portable (size of a small perfume bottle) instant clothes and person dryer…you just spray it all over your body and you're dry!

Oh how is wish!!!

If I have those it is not only cloudy weathers that I’ll like…even rainy and stormy weathers will be fine too!

Actually since I don’t have to go out this noon... weather is just perfect… perfect for a short nap! There is still time to take a nap before going back to work!


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