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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I kissed dating goodbye n eleven minutes

Nope, I did not kiss dating goodbye in eleven minutes rather they are the title of the books I recently read -- Eleven minutes by Paulo Coelho n (N meaning AND) Joshua HarrisI kissed dating goodbye (the upgrade edition).

They are two entirely different books that talk on relationships. I had previously read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist which really fascinated me and somehow lifted me up from my depression that when I saw Eleven minutes in the bookstore which Lady Charlie considered to be sentimental, I decided to buy it. It was while browsing through other books that I also came to see the one by Joshua Harris. The title really caught my attention and made me smile as I thought “What’s this? Pretty weird title… I haven’t even kissed dating hello and now kiss it goodbye???” But while browsing it, I thought it will be good reading for my teenaged nieces… and as I always do, I always read the book I buy before giving to my nieces and nephews (even children’s books!)

Eleven minutes is a good book but I would not want to give it to my teenage nieces who have very sexually active minds. Some of the sex discussed there are explicit that I would not really want them to read it as yet… I liked how the thoughts of Maria, the protagonist who is a prostitute, was expressed though. She was honest, she does not justify her acts but she was making choices on how best she can live her life. There was one part there when the question of prostitutes being exploited arose, some would say they are but as written there (and to which I agree) they actually have a choice (of course the book does not talk on forced slavery as what happens to some of our Filipinas who are kidnapped or duped into believing they are going to have decent works but end up as prostitutes locked up in sex dens).

The book is now with Jane, she has started reading it and says she’s really excited to finish it… I think the book will do the round of girls in the office since Jane has convinced Aneth, even Roxanne about the book and they said that they will be waiting in line…

Now Joshua Harris’ I kissed dating goodbye is still with me. I am trying to convince my eldest niece to just take a look and she still says no way!!! What a pity since it is really a good book especially for teenagers… of course everybody would have a choice on what they would want to do with their lives but it gives a good perspective on relationships. It does not really say that you should totally avoid the opposite sex, in fact it encourages you to interact but not just encourage intimate relationship when you are not ready for such a commitment. It is actually an objective approach to knowing people… when you become intimate your views somehow gets distorted… talk about love being blind… plus you don’t really get to know the other when each of you are trying to put your best foot forward. You get to know the person in his normal environment while you, on the other hand should be comfortable to be just as you are while pursuing all your dreams.

Actually if you reflect deeper, you could parallel many things discussed there to other relationships. You should not really encourage something when you know that you will not be able to fully commit yourself to it for somehow someone will be bound to get hurt in the end. So it is really a practical book that says that you should not only consider yourself but other people (including God and your conscience) when you decide to pursue something... plus there is a perfect timing to everything.

Okay, it has taken me more than eleven minutes to finish this, guess it is time to kiss my writing goodbye today and set out on my other tasks…


Blogger bing said...

that's an interesting book. since it sounded like a very nice book, i am planning to buy it for my daughter. thanks for the idea, 'lizbeth!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Bluegreen said...

Nice articles you have here.

Joshua Harris has another good book you might want to try...it's the book he wrote after he kissed dating goodbye...title is "Boy Meets Girl"

7:38 PM  

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