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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Evening walk..

Didn't feel too well the whole day at work but after work I decided to walk...

First I walked from Divisoria to Binondo for my support group and I liked the walk since the weather was good... not cold...not humid and with some wind... just a touch of wind...

I felt lots of energy in me after the support group meeting that I decided to walk some more... first going to the Liwasang Bonifacio thinking I would take my ride there... there was music playing in the Plaza (piano version of Can't help falling in love with you) and not much people and I walked slowly, I felt like dancing BUT I didn't want the people there thinking of me as NUTS so I just imagined myself swaying with the music while walking real slow...really slow with eyes a bit closed (okay just a bit... didn't want any trouble) just walking in rhythm with the music...

And I still wanted to walk so I walked going the City Hall then to Shoemart-Manila. I have not been to that place in a long time and I noted that they were converting more of the vacant places to a park. they were placing paver tiles and have planted old shady trees (or maybe they were there before but I just did not notice... just seemd like there were lots of trees in that area now)... maybe in a few more weeks and the place would be lovely...

The desire to walk was strong that I could easily make it walking to Luneta or the bay view but I would be inviting trouble walking alone so just decided to go to SM and eat... My mouth has been clamoring for soup the whole day that I decided to eat Vietnamese noodles, okay added springroll to complete my menu... then I walked again... I surveyed a bit of the finished area in the park or is it a plaza... there's a small open resto-grill there with a videoke... there were lots of couples in benches and there was another Nipa building but I was not really sure if it was an office or a restaurant (disadvantage of not wearing my glasses)... and I walked back to Lawton... actually I wanted to walk further to Quiapo Bridge... I was looking if there was someone going in that direction but since there was none and that bridge is taller and bigger... I just decided to stay put and wait for my ride... which took a long time and I really could not stay put so I would just move to and fro while waiting for an FX which I could not even see the sign board... Arghh (again the disadvantage of not wearing my glasses)... anyway I heard someone going in my direction so I just stood nearby, when I saw him flag down an FX, I motioned too... there was just one vacant spot and he told me to go ahead... good, a gentleman!

The trip home was fast since it was late. Still have some time for my computer while waiting to digest my food... but now my eyes are waiting to walk in my dreams... yeah I feel them shutting already. I had a good evening walking... I think it will be a good night's rest too!


Blogger ladycharlie said...

couldn't imagine that there are places in manila where you can "walk" -- i've been away far too long!

1:30 AM  
Blogger vonjobi said...

you didn't feel too good but had the energy to walk? hay naku, i'm in the process of getting sick right now. (but knowing you, you'd probably walk farther the sicker you get LOL!)

buti na lang i didn't sneeze and my nose didn't run while i was doing my presentation this morning =)

4:59 PM  

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