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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Balanced Philippines!

A long time ago I received an email about God creating balance in the world. It was a funny email and I wanted to post it at this time when the political situation in our country is really bad! Unfortunately I could not find that email and I am not really good in telling jokes (hmmm… but is it really a joke?) but i'll try telling it anyway...

In that email, God was talking to an angel (I forgot who!) and He was bragging that He created balance in the world. So as they were looking down at the different continents and countries, he would tell the good points and the bad points in each one of them and the angel could easily see the balance in place…(Drats this brain… I wanted to give examples but I could not recall… Tsk Tsk Tsk, hirap talaga ng tumatanda!!! Hehehe)…

Anyway…the angel pointed to a group of islands and asked what it was?
And God said, that is the Philippines!
See it is like paradise there and the people are great!
The angel got confused and asked Him, I thought You created balance? It is all good there… so where’s the balance???

Then God smiled and said...
Ahh, wait till you see their politicians! :-)

So, our politicians are something that we can’t really be proud of but that doesn’t mean we stop being proud as Filipinos. Maybe our politicians are the cross we have to bear? But maybe if we lift them up to God in prayer, He'll forgo of the balance and bless us with good politicians?

Hmmm.. But He could still justify balance to his angel by saying that Yes Filipinos are great...but they are humble too!


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