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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Long distance love!

One of my field auditors sent me a text message last night telling me that he had to confide something. I asked him if it was related to work or love. It turned out to be on love.

Yesterday, I told him that I was already going to pull him out from Visayas and transfer him back to Luzon. That probably triggered his message. He fell in love with someone there and the thought of being separated is painful. He said "he has never felt this way!"

Oh he knew that he can’t stay long in one area, in fact they already cried together last week when they talked about their impending separation. That’s the problem when you are a field auditor in a company that has branches all over the Philippines, you don’t stay in one place a long time and he knows that. He wasn’t really planning to fall in love… but sometimes your heart has a mind of its own… it doesn’t follow your logic! Love strikes you… and Bam!

I told him that they should already practice communicating through the internet even using webcam. He said it was not necessary… they promised each other (to be true???). He was not really thinking of a definite way to keep in touch but probably believes that "Love will find a way."

He sounded so in love… will their love stand the test of time and the distance? I don’t know…
But if their love is really meant to me… then probably love will really find a way…


Blogger bing said...

long distance love affairs usually last and end up with the churchbells ringing... hope they will stay in love with each other.

8:53 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

hope so too!

6:20 PM  

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