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Thursday, June 09, 2005

"I hate weblogs!"

Nooo!!! I did not say that but I came across an article titled "Why I f---ing hate weblogs!"

I got the link from another blog and naturally got curious. The article uses profane language but I was amused while reading it and actually found some truth to it. The writer categorized personal webloggers into 10 types and I am still thinking on what category I would fall into... hehehe…

Anyway, I am sure that the writer would think kindly of bloggers, particularly Pinoy bloggers, once he sees the success of the "Yan ang Filipina" campaign.

The success to uplift the "filipina" in the internet came about because of the efforts of Filipino and Filipina bloggers… including personal bloggers. I feel proud that even my simple blog has a small part in the campaign’s success!

So he may hate weblogs… I don’t!

I like blogging and even though I didn’t like many of the blogs I’ve seen and even got a virus while reading the "next blog" in blogspot, I realized that I was just looking at the wrong places. There are lots of good blogs out there and I hope to come across more.

I also know that I still have a lot to learn about blogging... not just on the art of "bugging" people… Hehehe…but on the technical stuff as well…oh okay not that technical but just something to get me by and make me smile after I’ve accomplished something I like!


Blogger drakulita said...

Thanks Elizabeth for the support! ;)

11:07 AM  
Blogger vonjobi said...

thanks for the support! and yes it's very true that you learn a lot by blogging. i tried setting up a website a few months ago but didn't know enough html to set it up properly. but because of my blogging, i've learned how to use html... and now i'll just stick to my blog =)

11:20 AM  

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