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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The fugitive!

One of the blogs I visit has to transfer her blog to another site because somebody was bothering her. She advised the regulars of her new site but requested everybody not to link her new site since the person she is avoiding might be able to trace her.

All her old entries were in her new site, even the template (well almost!).. it is only the website name that was changed so I told her that if the person really wanted to find her, then she can be found even if people don't link her. Isn't that the purpose of search engines? You give keywords and the possibilities appear and you trace what you are looking for through that...

Well she said that if the person finds her again then she'll transfer again... and again... and again!

Wow! that could be tiring!!! She has become a fugitive!

I never imagined that blogging can have such problem...oh well... things happen!

Anyway, I wish her luck! She lost her whole site before through an accident but through her perseverance she was able to retrieve everything through the help of blogger people... now she is losing her identity because of that person bothering her...oh well she is a funny person... am sure she'll be able to build it up again! Of course that will make it easy for the person to trace her again...hmmm I guess fugitives somehow enjoy the cat and mouse chase...hope she has a good time! Goodluck Mrs T, enjoy yourself :-)!


Blogger ladycharlie said...

That happened to me and I asked my blog ninang to move my entire blog to another domain. Not only that but I had to change my identity as well. Now, I am slowly going to my previous persona and so far, no problems.

8:24 AM  

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