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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Miss Saigon

I saw Korina Sanchez’ Rated K on TV tonight, one segment featured some of the cast of the original Miss Saigon since she mentioned that the show had its final curtain call in London (Binaba na ang telon). Earlier today, I also read an article on the 30th anniversary of the communist victory over the US-backed government. I was interested of course since I too am a Miss Saigon.

Nope, I am not part of the Filipino casts of Miss Saigon… nor am I Vietnamese…
It is just that I was born there more than 40 years ago.

My father and I talked about one day visiting Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) again together with my mother when he was still alive but such never happened. He had fun memories and adventures there… mama thinks the Saigon she knew to be beautiful too. I really have no memory of Vietnam since we left the place when I was still a baby. We stayed in Saigon and also near the border of the south and north... papa said that he thinks that one of the reason I am tall is because of our stay there... though there were no American troops yet at that time, there was already fighting between the north and the south and the sound of the passing helicopters and guns made me jerk which caused my bones to stretch... hehehe.

Anyway, If ever we get there to visit Saigon– mama and I, she will probably not recognize anything anymore. I am sure a lot has already changed. I’ve been to the tourism site of Vietnam and I can see how far they have gone… she will most likely enjoy its present beauty but more so, she’ll enjoy the place because she won’t be looking at it only with her eyes but with her heart… as she remembers the love she shared with papa while they were there!

Hope we are able to visit Vietnam soon!


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