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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Laughter meditation

I have joined a mailing list from Pragito Dove wherein she sends different meditation techniques.

I thought that meditation requires a lot of concentration and effort but based on the mails I have been getting, they could be quite simple... ahh well simple to read and understand but sometimes when you are so busy thinking about so many things you don't actually get to practice them...

Right now I am reading again about the laughter meditation, there has been a lot of sickness at home... one kid sick after another that the atmosphere is a bit tense. Actually mama's blood pressure is already high from getting mad at my nephew for not drinking his medicine and my nephew would cry his heart out fighting it out with mama... ahhh they sure could use some laughter... everybody sure could use some laughter at home... then I hope all the children will get better and the adults calmer.

Anyway, back to Pragito's email. I did not get the first part but I got the second part on the laughter meditation, it says:

This technique has three stages.
1. Laugh your troubles away. Just sitting silently, create a giggle in the very guts of your being, as if your whole body is giggling or laughing. Start swaying with that laughter and let it spread from the belly to the whole of your body – hands laughing, feet laughing, go crazily into it. For ten, fifteen or twenty minutes do the laughing. If it comes uproariously, loudly, allow it. If it comes silently, then sometimes silently, sometimes loudly, allow it.

2. Lie down on the floor or on the earth; spread yourself on the floor, facing the floor. If it is warm and you can do it in the garden, on the ground, that will be better. Make contact with the earth, the whole body lying down there on the earth, and just feel that the earth is the mother and you are the child. Get lost in that feeling. This is earthing, a deep contact with the earth. Breathe with the earth and feel one with the earth. We come from the earth and one day we will be going back to it

3. Put music on and dance. Dance for ten, fifteen or twenty minutes because the earth will give so much energy that your dancing will have a different quality to it –…just any dancing you feel like. Celebrate yourself!

Do this inside unless it is warm enough and you have a garden, then be outside. Find ways to do it. Allow it to transform you – you will feel lighter and more grounded. The balanced harmony ofheaven and earth meets to bring you peace, creativity and joy.

This is a wonderful technique to do with children.


Earlier on, I noticed that I haven't been laughing as much as I used to... though there there would still be smiles... laughter has tremendously diminished, then I read about laughter yoga -- that you don't really have to feel like laughing before you laugh.. that you don't have to be happy to laugh but it is actually the other way around.. You laugh and it induces a feeling of well-being... of happiness.

It actually sounds and feels foolish to be forcing laughter. I remember when I started practicing the laughter exercise wherein you have to laugh when you get up in the morning I actually felt stupid and people at home thought I was nuts! Though the practice was good, I did not stay at it for I did not want to wake up everybody else in the household early in the morning. Instead, after a short prayer in the morning, I do some stretching exercise and just feel a soft laughter within me... to have a nice feeling to start the day! Then I also made it a point to laugh at every opportunity I have... whereas before I would just smile, now there would be some sounds to that smile... a laughter! Oh my laughter is NOTHING compared to the laughter of my officemates Jane and Ging. Those two's laughters are really contagious... i should say BIGAY-TODO, "full of passion" that you feel the vibration reaching your body. But I know that my laughing has added JOY and lightness...now if i could just blow some joy and lightness for the rest of the people at home.. then that would be great! that would make each day a HA HA HA HAppy day and each one a HA HA HA HAppy person!!!


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