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Monday, May 02, 2005


Today was warm... actually the past weeks have been really warm and humid and the heat might even be more intense over the next days! YIKES! I wish it will rain, we sure need it!

I remember 10 years ago, there was also a heat wave not only in the Philippines but even in other countries. One night after I came from work, I saw my grandmother - Lola Bebe's nose bleeding...blood was oozing from her nose... they were not just drops but really oozing! I panicked! I thought she was going to die (she was in a sort of coma state... we can move her and she can chew but her eyes were closed almost all the time and she doesn't talk anymore...she could not complain of whatever discomfort she felt!), we brought her to the hospital and they were able to stop it... but she would bleed on succeeding days...one time there were even blood from her eyes! I really thought she was going to die so I asked my mother to go back to the country. My mother came and my grandmother got better! I am not sure anymore if maybe it was because she felt my mother's presence or maybe because the heat has somehow lessened...

Intense heat still make me remember the event and my Lola Bebe but she is in heaven now so she doesn't have to worry anymore of hot weathers!

I am not really a lover of cold weather-- my hands and feet turns purple when it is cold but I don't like this weather either. I really hope it rains... one really heavy downpour to remove the heat... then just drizzles on the following days...

Maybe I should do a rain dance... hmmm maybe I should start tonight before I sleep... that's an idea!!!


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