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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Guitar girl!

I decided to pass by our clinic downstairs before clearing my desk and calling it a night. I thought I'd weigh myself... 136 lbs... I don't know when I will ever be able to get my old 145 lbs. weight back but I am still hopeful... Anyway, I saw Boyet from Operations and saw the guitars on top of the cabinets... thought I'd pass by and play the guitar for a while since only him and Hiyas were left...

I am a bit envious seeing Boyet and Tess play the guitar during our first Friday masses in the office while I get to be the lector... I would gladly trade places with Tess if she wants too but of course she wouldn't. Only Hiyas and Boyet were around so that I thought I'd be able to play some mass songs since Boyet has a songbook.

Ahh... I haven't played the guitar in a long long time and it felt good. So I was there strumming the guitar singing the songs that I know.. ocassionally having difficulty with some of the chords especially the "Eb" and the "sus" and "dim" but enjoying myself.

Boyet was just doing the backup of the files-- just waiting for the machine to say finished so finally decided to get the other guitar and play along too... I was strumming and singing while he was plucking his guitar...on some songs our blending was good, I think better than when he and tess plays together (of course I am biased... hehehe...) We played a lot and almost reached the end of the songbook when I asked what time it was... 8 o'clock! closing time and I haven't cleared my desk... they might have forgotten about me and closed the office upstairs... I immediately said goodbye to Hiyas and Boyet and rushed upstairs! I guess Boyet enjoyed our jamming too for he shouted that I could go back again tomorrow night while Hiyas who was there working (as usual over"tawad") added that I had a nice voice... hmmm... I was a songbird tonight and I played the guitar... Boyet also promised me he'd help me source a good and reasonable priced guitar. I felt great!!!


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