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Friday, May 06, 2005


Got this in my email...

I write about dreams. I write about reality, truth, and basic facts of life, too.

I prefer dreams. They are bigger than reality. They are softer, firmer, wider, sometimes narrow, shorter and longer than truth. They don't cut, hurt, stop, or smack like the facts of life.

Dreams are what you make of them. They are like clay in the hands of the sculptor. You get them at first in a raw, unrecognizable form. Like the artist sees the image on the blank canvas, the dreamer sees the dream within the mass.

Dreams are alive. They are born from two parents, "Wish" and "Hope."

Dreams come alive when the dreamer awakens to The Source called, "Possibility."

The dreamer unknowingly begins the courtship with "I wish."

"I wish" flutters around within the mind. Subtle nudges from life seen first as "Coincidence" and brilliant sparks of "Imagination" combine over time to produce, "I hope."

"I hope" then becomes the mantra of the dreamer and the dream wanting to be born.

"I hope" is a wish with wings making it possible for the dreamer to see it all in motion.

Then comes the mating dance.
"Wish" and "Hope" wrap around, mix and blend together conceiving the embryonic form waiting, longing, wanting to be born into a dream.

"Wanting" is the seed of dreams. "Believing" is the nourishment that makes them possible.

Ah, but here is reality, truth, and the basic facts of life.

Not all dreams live on to become reality.

If they are NOT nourished with "Belief", they die.

If they are nourished with belief, but fail to be born, it is simply because they are aborted by the dreamer because of a lack of "Faith."

In the end all dreams depend on "Faith."

For dreams are the work of God within you.

Faith, is the tool, the instrument placed in the hand of the dreamer.

Oh, yes, I prefer dreams. They are God's plans for the world.

"I believe in you!"
Bob Perks Bob@BobPerks.com
I was thinking of something when I got this mail and it somehow made me smile... I am not really sure why, I just liked the mail. Reading it also made me remember Paulo Coehlo's quote that Dreams are the language of God and Napoleon Hill's famous quote "What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve."

I think I'll have an early night and start dreaming... very appropriate since I just got a text message in my mobile phone saying good night and sweet dreams or should I quote "Gud nyt and sweet dreams"

Maybe tomorrow... if I believe hard enough... it will become a reality...
Hehehe... that fast???


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