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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Another fare hike so BETHer take a walk!!!

So LTFRB has finally approved a jeepney fare increase by P2.00. That means minimum fare of P7.50 comes May 25! Yikes!!! Really SAD especially since there is no announcement of an increase in wage yet. You think there will be a reasonable increase????

Anyway, I cannot do anything about the increase, so I will just have to lessen or totally avoid my jeepney rides especially going to and from Binondo Church at noon... that will be P15.00 saved... oh okay make it P11.00 since P5.50 is the normal fare before I decided to stop (hmmm okay it will be hard to totally stop, especially when it is really HOT... or when it RAINS hard) plus the exercise will be good for me!

Actually I started walking tonight... had to go to again to the Binondo area from Recto... so I just walked and walked... no problem walking really except there are so many people going against my direction... then after I did my business in the area, walked again from Binondo to the Liwasang Bonifacio... this time there were no more people so I liked the walk.

Truth is I enjoy it when I get a chance to walk in that area. I particularly like walking at night in the bridge that overlooks the post office and the other bridge in Sta cruz side... At night time you don't really see the murky water, what you see instead is the reflection of the lined lights on the other bridge on the river...too bad the post office was not lighted, the view would have been better. There were not much crowd in Liwasang Bonifacio but the fountain was working so my walk was peaceful and joyful... that's a consolation which will not last since I don't walk there often and instead I have to face the cost of my daily commuting! Hay!!! buhay!!!


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