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Thursday, April 07, 2005

What if someone gives you $20.6 million?

I got an email today from a certain Patricia Casillas telling me that she wants me to get the $20.6 M left by her husband to her in a Eurobank so I could give 90% of it to charities. She could not go there personally since she has cancer and in the hospital and would want me instead to get the money in her behalf. She thinks I am trustworthy :-) even if she only got my name from a directly list.

In the past I have received this kind of mail including winning in lotto. Oh I know they are hoax but somehow it makes me wonder how it will be if I suddenly get a huge sum of money. Will I give most of it away??? It will be easy to think of giving most of it when you don’t have it since it is just hypothetical – you don’t really have an attachment to it… but if it becomes yours really yours!!! Hmmm...then you wonder…

Oh I guess I’ll go on wondering since I don’t know anybody rich that will give me money… and very seldom do I bet in lotto…

In the meantime, the mail just got deleted… flushed down the toilet drain so to speak… very appropriate since in our language kasilyas (casillas) actually means toilet :-).


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