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Thursday, April 21, 2005


Magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio
Magda-drive ako hanggang Bicol
Magda-drive ako hanggang Batangas...
Nagda-driving lesson na ako!!!

Yup, I finally enrolled in a driving school... took me more than 20 years to muster enough courage to learn how to drive. It is something that I want to do but just could not...
just the thought of driving makes me tense...
like it is going to be my doom!!!
that I am going to hit somebody and I'll be imprisoned for it (pretty heavy negative thoughts, huh???).

My father tried teaching me a long time ago. I was really excited then, he was instructing me and I was paying attention but then I stepped on the gas real hard and zoom!!!

Nope! I did not hit anything (thanks God!) but I got scolded pretty badly. Till that time I have never attempted to learn things about cars... I am a dummy when it comes to cars...not even particular as to the brands and models. The only thing I can easily identify is a volkswagen!

So why learn now?
Well why not?
I know I am delayed by 20 years in learning but at least I did not wait another 20 more years to try, right?

I realized that it is really going to take a lot of determination on my part... I can say that, judging from the rating I got from my instructor which is mostly "needs improvement". He can sense that I am really tensed since my veins in my hands shows and my reflex are not really that good yet (take note on the yet.. am still hopeful!!!) but he is a kind man. I was not doing great but I was not that scared either for I saw that he has his own brakes (which he can use if I do something wrong and which he has done on occasions...hehehe) plus he can easily hold the steering wheel!

Somehow those are calming and I was actually singing softly Eraserheads' Overdrive while navigating the routes going to Montalban and San Mateo. Those are actually mountain routes... and mountains always does something to my spirit... never mind if that route was also going to the Payatas dumpsite... we were going to the mountain and I was driving the car! I felt great!

So imagine me singing (and yeah with a smile on my face)...
Magda-drive ako hanggang Baguio
Magda-drive ako hanggang Bicol
Magda-drive ako hanggang Batangas
tapos magswi-swimming d'on sa beach
isasama ko ang girlfriend ko
isasama ko kahit sinong may gusto
kahit may kasama siyang aso
basta't meron siyang dalang sariling buto
Magdadala ako ng pagkain
burger fries tapsilog at siopao
Magda-drive ako hanggang Visayas
Magda-drive ako hanggang sa Mindanao
Magda-drive ako buong taon
Magda-drive ako habang buhay
Magda-drive ako hanggang buwan
Please Please lang turuan mo akong magdrive
gusto kong matutong magdrive(kahit na walang kotse)
gusto kong matutong magdrive(kahit na walang lisensya)
drive magdrive...
magdrive drive
~~~~~Overdrive by Eraserheads

I want to learn how to drive!
And eventually I can go on my own to all those places... Baguio, Bicol, Batangas, Visayas, Mindanao...
even to the moon???
Nahh...not that far out!
Anyway wish me luck, I still have a few lessons!


Blogger ladycharlie said...

good luck! at least dyan sa pinas di mahirap makakuha ng driver's licence!!

9:06 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

salamat! Pag di ako nakapasa sa driving... punta na lang ako fixer sa LTO para may license na ako...hehehe... (naku galit ang LTO nyan!)... pag di pa rin umubra naku baka sa flying school na lang ako mag-enroll... at least doon konti lang yung chance na mabangga... malay mo maging pasahero pa kita... i'll treat you well unlike the airline you took!!!

9:42 PM  
Blogger ladycharlie said...

fix mo rin ako ng license! hehehe! thanks for dropping by my blog...would it be ok if i link you?

2:09 AM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

sige hanap tayo fixer sa LTO pag balik mo 'Pinas...in the meantime i'll be happy to stay connected through the blogs... your april journeys are okay! since you also have a cooking blog i have a sort of weird food article you may like to read at http://www.geocities.com/foodnuts2003/
Happy eating... and happy trips!!!

1:34 PM  

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