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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Last Saturday I went to a church in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. It was my first time to be there and I went with some of my officemates. Even if the church is not fully completed yet it was beautiful! They say that the church was built through donations given to Brother Carmelo, a visionary and a healer.

What was special about the church is the big see-through glass on top of the altar where there is a big image of Mama Mary facing you with her arms outstretched. There was a garden and man-made waterfalls around her plus the birds never stopped singing... and okay flying too inside the church :-)...

They have a healing mass on the first Saturday of each month and last Saturday was first Saturday!

After the mass, the blessed sacrament was displayed. After the procession and veneration, people were asked to form a line in the aisle. Someone would place oil on your forehead and both hands - you should rub those oil in the parts of your body that are sick since they are healing oils. Then you'd move closer to the altar and there Bro. Carmelo would place his hand on you head and a rose petal on your breast. I have been told that holy images usually appear on the rose petal immediately after he place them. I was so excited! Will my petal have an image too???

My turn finally came and oil was placed in my forehead and hands and I rubbed the oil in the parts I feel pain. I moved forward and Bro. Carmelo placed his hand on my head and placed a white rose petal on my chest -- it was actually just a little below the collar bone and I placed my hand on that petal and pressed it to my chest while I knelt on the Blessed Sacrament to pray... then I was handed an oil (smelled like rose) and a white rose before I left the church.

Outside the church, my officemate told me to remove the petal from my chest and asked me if my petal had an image. His petal had an image, his aunt's petal had an image too of a heart --sacred heart. My other officemate who is a regular there did not get any image -- she said it was the first time that she did not get any image on her petal and that she already has a collection of petals with images.

I looked at my petal and did not notice anything. My officemate said I should look through it where there is light so I placed it up and guess what? There was an image of the face of Jesus --side view!

I should feel happy!

A miracle!

You don't get images on a petal!!!

And I wanted a miracle!!!

Instead, I looked closely at the petal and noticed that the face did not form from the oil and sweat from my body where the petal touched but that there were already some indentions on the petal...

Drats!!! I don't want to feel this way! I want to feel happy and fully believe there is a miracle... I don't want to be a skeptic!!!

Bro Carmelo's vision started in the early 1990s yet and he was able to build a church because he has been an instrument of healing to a lot of people. There were a lot of people there with cancer -- they were wearing scarf on their head so they were most like undergoing chemotherapy. They were believers and I want to be a believer too!

Yet I can't fully shake the feeling...is it really true? Did I just see a miracle? Can so many people get an image on the rose petals given to them on each first Saturday? Is miracle that simple?

Ahh... there is no limit to God! If he wants a miracle, He can give it anytime to anyone and as often as He wants too! Maybe I am not really looking for a miracle on a rose petal but some other miracle... I really don't know...

And I go on praying...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cecile showed me a lot of rose petals with different images. Yung iba nakuha ng anak nya yung iba sa kanya...iba't iba ang images and yung iba talagang very clear. They all came from Bro Carmelo on different occasions... and Cecile attests that there are no frauds involved, she has seen how he just took petals from roses given to him and those had images when given to them. Not everybody gets a petal with an image but those that have images are all real!

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