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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I won a bet...

Haven't blogged in a week. Lots of catching up to do at work good thing I won a bet!
Beth made a bet and won?
Yup I did!

May 1- labor day, a legal holiday falls on a Sunday so I told Malou there won't be work on Monday. She said No-- there will be work, the President doesn't move holidays anymore... hmmm I said the President will declare "No work on Monday" but she was insistent so I said "wanna bet?" and she said "Ok... the one who loses buys fish fillet sandwich from McDonald's"

We made the bet on Monday... Wednesday evening and there was no announcement yet so I told Malou Thursday morning that I think I was going to lose the bet and she said "I told you so!"... Thursday evening, I was watching the 7 pm news (was that 7 pm or 6:30 pm can't recall) on a bus while enroute to visit my friend in the hospital and there was no declaration... but when I got home and saw the late news, there was the declaration "No work on Monday!"

That means one more day to rest and a free fish fillet sandwich for merienda on Tuesday!

Winning is fun!


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