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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Holy Mass.

I just came from church and the priest there actually gave a second “sermon” before the final blessing.

He was distracted during the mass since there were a lot of children seated in front and they were noisy, even the sacristans were whispering while he was reading the gospel and the choir did not know when to cut their song, so he wanted to share some of his thoughts. He was not really mad but he felt that there should be more to the mass.

I don’t think many people understood him though since the mass was in English. The priest was Indian and did not know how to speak Tagalog yet. We are in a poor community and the mass is usually in Tagalog, even the other foreign priests usually say the mass in Tagalog. It was hard enough for me following his homily because of his diction but it was sad that many people actually did not understand what he said particularly since his homily on the Good Shepherd was good.

I remembered the booklet given to me on The Holy Mass… on what goes on during the mass. I guess if all the people knew what goes on during the mass, then they would actually pay more attention. It will be great if all people who attend mass understand what goes on…but since that would not happen soon in our country, the best thing is to start with yourself…to live the mass… ahhh I wish I could always do that!


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